Edgy statement jewellery for celebrators of uniqueness.
Designed + Crafted in our Sydney studio.

Having literally been physically reconstructed after a cycling accident, Mara's designs are a personal exploration and celebration of the fusion of materials, asymmetry, mismatching, standing out and embracing our perfect imperfections. With an edgy, contemporary aesthetic, inspired by 80s fashion, and 90s music + dance. 

MAINE+MARA’s range is designed to involve the wearer, enhancing their natural movement, unique style and be wearable in multiple ways. What unifies our audience is a desire for positive self expression, standing out in their everyday environment, and looking on the bright side of life.



We are always searching for ways to share time, materials, and knowledge; reducing waste and truly appreciating what has been given.

We love local, using a local laser cutter and locally sourced materials in the making of all our work. Our laser cutter gets all of their energy from 100% green power from Powershop who topped the Greenpeace green electricity guide. Keeping things local lets us pick up our deliveries in person, and minimise our footprint.

We use Acrylic in our products, because these are made to last and don't tarnish. The negative spaces in our designs are turned into positives; all off-cuts are kept and reused in the making of new creations to ensure minimal waste.


We are committed to finding ongoing ways to spread joy in big and small ways. We use Nickel free, hypoallergenic material to make sure our pieces cause no irritations. For un-pierced ears that don’t want to miss out on the fun we’ve customised designs to accomodate clip-on options.

Additionally, every month we donate to the Indigenous Community Volunteers which provides access to skilled volunteers and resources in areas where education, health-care, and employment opportunities are often limited. 


We are all able to add value to anything we touch in some way, moving things forward, helping things grow, and transforming what comes next.